Graphic design is a creative process that combines art & technology to visually communicate ideas.  It is utilized extensively in business to create your business brand.  According to the American Marketing Association, a brand is defined as a “name, term, sign, symbol, design or a combination of these to identify the goods or services of your business”. Why is it important to have a strong brand for your business? It is vital because customers buy based on how they feel about your brand.  So, branding affect your very bottom line, which is profit.

Want to know what top companies like Microsoft, Google, and even Coca-Cola spend on branding? Here’s a breakdown by percent of revenues, starting with the most first:

  • Microsoft :  more than 20 percent of their annual revenue or $11.5 billion
  • Coca-Cola:  more than $2.5 billion.
  • Yahoo:  more than 20 percent of their annual revenue or $1.3 billion
  • eBay: 14 percent to 15 percent of its revenue – which was $871 million, much of that to advertise on Google.
  • Google: In the millions rather than billions of dollars – with $188 million
  • Starbucks : $95 million

What do all these companies have in common?

When we see their brand, we have a certain image of their business and what they stand for.  They are the top brands for a reason.  They bring the most revenue per year. That means people value their products and services.  Consumers have good experience and faith in these companies.  Do you want your business to have similar image as these top brands? Then, you need a strong branding of your business.

There are four objectives that a good branding accomplishes:

  • Your message is communicated concisely and clearly
  • Your credibility is confirmed
  • Your potential customers bond with you emotionally
  • Your clients are motivated to buy your products and services
  • Your clients commit their loyalty to your business.

How can we help?

Bijhem Designs is passionate about creating visual designs that ensure a high level of impact and brilliance.  We harness all aspects of design, including vector graphics and illustrations.  We want to give your business a unique visual identity that sets you apart from your competitors. We design to reflect your business and its value to your targeted customers.  We love to create innovative imagery that strongly builds your brand and fuels the growth of your business.  We can provide ingenious solutions, whether you need a single marketing piece for a special event or looking to develop an entire new corporate identity.

Graphic Solutions offered:

Brand development
Logo design
CD & Book cover design
Business Cards and Letterhead
Packaging design
Ad campaigns
Photo retouching
Event Promotions
Direct Mail
Newsletters and Publications
Signs and Banners




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